We’ve made the best even better* 

Delaro® fungicide has long been seen as the best defense against disease for pulses. Now there’s a new front line of defense. Say hello to new Delaro Complete fungicide. It provides enhanced disease control in lentils, chickpeas, and field peas under all environmental and disease pressure situations. Take your disease management plan to the next level with new Delaro Complete fungicide. 

Three modes of action work together to give you superior protection

Diseases controlled: infographic

Diseases controlled

Ascochyta blight 

Mycosphaerella blight

Anthracnose (in lentil and chickpea)

including Group 11 insensitive biotypes

Powdery mildew

Grey mould

White mould

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Find out why Brett Hilker, a Market Development Representative with Bayer, is so excited to see Delaro Complete now available to all pulse growers in Western Canada. 

Want to learn more about the new benchmark in pulse disease control?  

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*2021-2023 AGDATA West Pulse Fungicide Reports

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